Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Hotel Day Pass

Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Hotel Day Pass

If you’ve never heard of a day pass, it’s basically access to visit a hotel for a few hours. They can be worth it if you want to visit a specific place without having to stay there.

Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Hotel Day Pass

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Day pass basically it is an access to the Aqua Nick® water park inside the hotel for one day.

Aqua Nick

Aqua Nick® has beautiful views, swimming pools, a lazy river and lush gardens. Here you do not have your own room or amenities, but you do have free access to the water park facilities and its various amenities. In this publication, I want to share information about the Nickelodeon™ Riviera Maya Hotel Daypass so that you know the scope if you want to visit it at any time.

Aqua Nick water park include:

  • Snacks (hamburgers, pizzas and poke bowls) served at kiosks
  • Soft drinks, water and beer
  • Towels and beds
  • Entertainment
  • Use of facilities
  • Rivers, pools, games and slides

* Restrictions may be applied according to height and/or age in the use of rivers, pools, games and slides.

Hotel Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Day Pass Excludes

  • lockers
  • personal slimming
  • Photographs
  • private cabins
  • Bistro Restaurant Gourmet Food & Beverage Display

* These services can be purchased at an additional cost.


  • Bring your proof of purchase (printed or digital)
  • Use biodegradable sunscreen
  • Bring comfortable clothes, a bathing suit and an extra change of clothes
  • Take cash or card to buy INCREDIBLE SOUVENIRS

Aqua Nick Day Pass prices

The water park manages prices with only access to the park and prices with transportation included, only for information we leave you the approximate November 2022 prices:

Entry Only:

  • Adult: $ 199.00 usd
  • Child: $150.00 usd

Entrada + Transportación Compartida

  • Adult: $ 210.00 usd
  • Child:$ 170.00 usd

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